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Cosmetic teeth whitening is a popular, non-invasive dental treatment. You can choose a store-bought kit or opt for in-office teeth whitening or a professional take-home kit. Inexpensive, over-the-counter (OTC) peroxide-based products are readily available and generally safe, but their low concentration of active ingredients makes them less effective. OTC kits require multiple applications and the results do not last as long as professional whitening.

Which type of whitening is best for you? The most expensive, in-office whitening can accomplish in a single visit what the take-home kit achieves in up to 7 days, while the least costly OTC option produces results in up to 16 days.

In-Office Bleaching Treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatment is the safest and fastest option, as dentists are trained to do this, reducing the risk of gum or tooth irritation. In-office treatments using professional-strength products are also the most effective, meaning that the results last longer.

During a light-activated, in-office whitening treatment, Dr. Wallace applies a peroxide-based gel and then uses a special light to accelerate the bleaching process. The power bleaching treatment uses a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide in water that is applied for up to 30 minutes; light activation may or may not be used.

Take-Home Tooth Whitening Kits

Another good option is a dentist-prescribed, at-home, tooth whitening kit. These kits contain custom trays and professional-grade whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) that the patient applies at home. The trays are made to fit the patient’s mouth comfortably and prevent the gel from coming into contact with the gums.

Professional take-home kits require taking impressions of your teeth to send to the lab that makes the trays. Dr. Wallace notes the shade of your teeth to confirm the results, you receive instructions on how to use the kit properly, and a follow-up appointment to track the outcome is scheduled.

Our Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Wallace and his team are highly trained in tooth whitening procedures. We understand that every patient is unique, which is why we assess your situation thoroughly before recommending an in-office whitening or a take-home kit. Your oral health, your whitening goals, upcoming social events and budget all factor into the decision. Schedule a consultation today and let us help you determine the best whitening method for your situation.

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