Reveal® Clear Aligners

Clear Teeth Straightening Aligners

Crystal-Clear Dental Aligners

No one has to know you’re straightening your teeth. Reveal® makes truly invisible aligners that correctly and efficiently straighten your teeth and let your smile shine through during treatment.   

Like traditional braces, teeth aligners correct mild, moderate and even the most complex orthodontic cases. But unlike braces, they move your teeth into position without the metal and related appliances — and without being visible!

The Benefits of Reveal® Aligners

Dr. Wallace and his team work with Reveal aligners that are made from crystal-clear, stain-resistant ClearWear™ material for a treatment that no one will notice. You get a straight, beautiful smile while enjoying:

  • Greater clarity than other aligners
  • Aligners guaranteed not to stain or cloud
  • Zero or minimal unsightly attachments
  • Beautiful results

Dr. Wallace Is a Reveal® Aligner Provider

Using the latest technology, our team develops a custom treatment plan for each patient based on his or her oral health. After receiving your custom-fit, ultra-clear aligners, we closely monitor your progress until the beautiful, healthy smile you want is revealed. Start your journey today by scheduling an appointment to learn how aligners work and discuss your payment options.

A Great Smile Begins
with Healthy Teeth