Advanced Technology for Quality Care

State-of-the-Art Technology

Staying current with the latest technology is critical to delivering the highest-quality dental care. We employ a range of advanced technologies, including:

Intraoral Cameras

By allowing us to obtain digital images from inside a patient’s mouth, intraoral cameras serve to educate patients about current conditions in their mouths. Intraoral pictures let our patients see what Dr. Wallace sees so they can understand the problem and work together to develop a plan for treatment and maintenance.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays use 70% to 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays to create similar images. Less radiation exposure means increased safety for patients and dental professionals. In fact, digital X-rays provide just a little bit more radiation than a banana! Plus, digital X-rays are available for immediate viewing because they don’t require developing like film X-rays do, and they produce clear, high-quality images that reveal greater detail.

Intraoral Scanner

Gone are the days of patients sitting with a mouthful of “goop”! This device replaces the uncomfortable and time-consuming process of creating traditional oral impressions. The intraoral scanner captures optical impressions in minutes. The images are then processed by scanning software to produce a 3-D model. The result is a more accurate impression and a better fit for products such as crowns and occlusal or night guards.

Dr. Wallace Uses Modern Technology

Our patients benefit from our commitment to advanced technology. If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised by how painless and quick our examinations and treatments are. For a positive dental experience, schedule your appointment with Dr. Wallace today!

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