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Dental Sleep Specialist in La Grange

An Introduction to Sleep Health Dentistry

A good night’s sleep is extremely important. Maintaining sleep throughout four to six sleep cycles helps ensure optimal health. What happens when we don’t get enough sleep? Serious health issues such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and weight gain may result from the lack of quality sleep.

Airway obstruction can disrupt sleep. Conditions that contribute to airway obstruction include age, weight, genetics, crowded teeth or other oral conditions that create a lack of space for the tongue. Dentists are in a unique position to recognize some of the signs and symptoms related to sleep health.

Airway Impairment and Sleep Dentistry

Airway obstruction causes health conditions ranging from snoring to severe sleep apnea, a serious disorder in which breathing stops and starts many times while you slumber. Sleep dentists and sleep apnea specialists help those suffering from airway issues by recommending a dental appliance for snoring, a dental device for sleep apnea or even a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine.

Dr. Wallace Provides Sleep Health Treatment

Would a dental device for snoring meet your needs, or do you require a CPAP machine? After you undergo a sleep study, our team is in a position to formulate a proper and personalized treatment plan.

Severe sleep apnea is best handled by a CPAP machine. The machine delivers pressurized air through the patient’s airway to keep it from collapsing, thus eliminating the symptoms of sleep apnea. However, some people simply cannot or do not want to use a CPAP machine or they suffer from only mild symptoms. For snoring and mild sleep apnea, a snore guard dental appliance is custom-fit to reposition the jaw to maintain an open airway. This type of device is particularly effective if a tongue issue or excess throat tissue is causing your sleep problem.

Regardless of which one you use — a dental device for sleep apnea or a CPAP machine — these therapies result in improved sleep health due to better breathing and fewer instances of disturbed sleep.

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